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asian symbolism

fabric 1In this section, Marian will discuss the Asian symbolism of colors, animals, flowers, and other elements.

Chinese Color Associations

The book Living Color, Master Lin Yun's Guide of Feng Shui and the Art of Color, by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun, describes what colors symbolize in Chinese culture, according to Lin Yun.

fabric 2WHITE represents winter.

RED, considered an auspicious color, is associated with happiness, warmth, strength, and fame. As a result, a traditional Chinese bride will wear a scarlet cheongsam (long dress), a father of a newborn son hands out eggs dyed red, and Chinese New Year money is dispensed in red lucky money envelopes.

PURPLE is an equally auspicious color that is said to inspire respect. Some say that it is luckier than the color red.fabric 3

YELLOW or GOLD stands for power. It gives a sense of tolerance, patience, and wisdom gained from past experience.

GREEN represents tranquility, hope, and freshness. It symbolizes spring growth.

BLUE is associated with wood. Therefore, it symbolizes spring, new growth, and hope.

fabric 4BLUE-GREEN is more auspicious than blue alone because it is more closely aligned with the colors of nature and spring.

BLACK gives a feeling of depth in mood and perspective.

GRAY signifies balance and the resolution of conflict. To some individuals, gray is a marriage of opposites: black and white.

BROWN creates a stable, established impression. It symbolizes the depth and roots of wood. Another related impression of brown is the sense of passage of time. It can remind us of autumn, when leaves turn brown.

fabric 5TAN represents a new, successful beginning.

ORANGE, as a mixture of red and yellow, is auspicious and has characteristics of those colors—happiness and power.

PINK represents love and pure feelings, joy, happiness, and romance.

PEACH represents attraction and love.


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